Do you have a need for a guest speaker at an upcoming event?

Lock in Aaron today.

Aaron has experience speaking in Business and Christian settings on a variety of topics around the entrepreneurial mind,  personal development, motivation, leadership, goal setting, business development, sales, personality styles, etc.

Aaron is a dynamic speaker with a wealth of personal experience that he brings to every presentation. You will not be disappointed.

Aaron can tailor a presentation to exactly meet your current needs or he can speak on the following topics below.

Prepared Presentations:

  • The Entrepreneurial Mind: A presentation on the attributes an entrepreneur (risk taking, fear, goal setting) utilizes in starting a business and applying those attributes to the many aspects of a person’s life including: career, family, parenting, marriage, ministry, etc.
  • The Power of the Paradigm: A presentation focused on identifying a person’s self image and discovering how to properly align that self image with the way you were designed.
  • The Leader Mindset: A powerful message on leadership that begins with learning to lead your self before learning to lead others.
  • Fear: Learn the difference between positive fear and negative fear and how to take limiting fear and use it in your life as an amazing asset.
  • Wisdom and Illuminating Thoughts: A fun and exciting presentation on the secret to wisdom and practical insights to living including: humility, the power of questions, understanding, loyalty, etc.
  • Destination and Goal Setting Strategies: In one amazing exercise, you will define exactly what your life is all about. Learn how to apply a goal setting strategy that has been based on outstanding achievers from history.
  • How to change the way your sales team sees their role: moving to an entrepreneurial approach
  • Selling and Personality Types: Learn nine core personality types and how to sell to each one. This powerful presentation can be applied to virtually any aspect of your life in dealing with people