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Aaron is interviewed by Carole Buck

Carole Buck and Aaron Broyles A







I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed today by Carole Buck, the great hall of fame announcer Jack Buck’s wife. It was an amazing experience for me to talk with her about my book Do Great Things and the research I’ve done on high performers and creating success. She had incredible insight as we discussed Jack Buck and what made him so successful. I was in the studio earlier recording more Great Things Radio episodes and we did one titled, “Go Crazy Folks”. It will be airing on 91.5FM this Saturday between 5:35 – 5:45 p.m. It was so much fun to watch her reaction to that clip and then discuss and reminisce on that moment when Jack Buck made the call on Ozzie Smith’s walk off homerun in game 5 in 1985 against the Dodgers. Carole shared with me where she was and what was going on when she heard her husband make that famous call. She told me that Jack was initially concerned maybe he was too excited and might have gone too far, however everyone in the booth with him knew that it was magic the second it happened. We then discussed how fans, especially Cardinals fans, get passionate about sports, but how often do we get passionate about the Gospel and the victory Jesus Christ had over sin on the cross. There is no greater victory than that, and it involves each one of us directly who recognize that we are sinners and Jesus Christ did what He did on our behalf. He made the sacrifice and paid our penalty for us. Today was definitely a highlight for me. I’ll send out a link when the interview becomes available.

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